Windfall - New YA release

Hola Lexicans! Now the other week, Pan Macmillan sent me a copy of a new YA release called Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith. I read it in just a few days and I really loved it, so thought I'd share my opinions over on my blog. *because that's what bloggers do. right?

Windfall is about a girl called Alice and her best friend Teddy. For Teddy's 18th birthday, Alice buys him a lottery ticket and to both their astonishment, he wins the jackpot. A life changing $140 million jackpot! But when Teddy begins to spend that money, Alice is disappointed in his childish decisions on what he chooses to spend it on. Alice wants the money to go to charities and organisations, whereas Teddy is all about buying fancy sports cars and villas. This disagreement causes tension in their friendship and drives them apart.

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not my picture (aha I wish). credits ~ https://writtenwordworlds.com/2017/05/02/windfall-book-review/

I loved this book so much! The layout of the book was nothing spectacular, pretty much a modern version of a rags-to-riches story however it was all the little differences, details and additions that made it such a beautiful storyline. I love the author's writing style personally too, which reminds me a little of Rainbow Rowell's. I found the way Alice (and Teddy) in some places quite frustrating and annoying but on the whole really liked the characters.

I'd definitely recommend this book to all fans of contemporary YA books, like Jennifer Niven's, Rainbow Rowell's, Sara Barnard's and Nicola Yoon's as whilst they aren't similar in topic, they have a similar audience and writing style.

I hope you enjoyed reading this book review - let me know down below if Windfall sounds like a book you'll be picking up on your next journey to them good ol' book shops! Of if you have already read it?



#7DaysOfWLL... 5 ways to improve your blog's Instagram

Hola Lexicans! It is the last day of my one week of posting and I think it has been very successful! Today when I came to write my last blog post, I had absolutely no inspiration - I just had no clue what to write. But then I was reading Amelie and Morning's posts (a collab they did) and they had done a 5 ways to improve your... and both done different things. This got me thinking so I have decided to do a 5 ways to improve your blog Instagram account.

You may not even have Instagram, let alone for your blog but if you do or are thinking about setting one up, these tips should definitely help you. (Also, you can follow me on there - whatlexieloves is my username. Yes, I'm doing some cheeky self-promo. Deal with it!).

1. Make sure all your photos are good quality.

No I don't mean every photo has to have been perfectly shot on a Canon with perfect lighting. I just mean make sure the photos isn't really blurry or pixelated. If I see that on a feed, it will instantly put me off, so make sure your pictures are clear. I take my photos on my iPhone 4s (as I find it way easier to upload than if I take it on my camera and transfer it) and they definitely aren't the best quality, but they do for me, and hopefully if I get my iPhone SE you'll be able to see much better pictures coming soon;)

2. Have a theme for your Instagram.

This one is on more of the optional, extra side of my tips but I think it makes me way more likely to follow and keep updated with a feed. Whether it being making sure all your photos have something pink in them, or you edit your filters with the same filter, it just makes your photos look better on a feed and is much more aesthetically appealing.

3. Get socializing!

As soon as I started my Instagram, I started following other small bloggers and then one by one, more would appear on my 'More Like This' section or whatever Instagram call the section where it gives you accounts to follow based on who you already are following. Very quickly, I was added into a blogger group chat, which really helped me make friends. Many bloggers are open to 'fff' or 'fb' on their accounts (I often do follow back, but find it a little weird) so you could try that, and if you keep active on people's accounts, then you'll start to see people following you back.

4. Keep active.

I have to admit, I don't post too regularly on that account, but I do stay active, liking photos of people I follow and keeping up to date in my group chats. Anything from posting once or twice a day, to once or twice a fortnight should be fine, but I wouldn't advise posting any more or less than that. (But to be fair if you do, it's not the end of the world - we all need a break sometimes).

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5. Use your blog to attract people to your Instagram and vice versa.

When I first got Instagram for my blog, I didn't do a very good job of telling you guys who already read me to check me out on Instagram, so I would definitely recommend making your readers aware that you have an Instagram. Also, tell your followers and maybe even new Internet friends on your Instagram to go visit your blog some time! I've found some great blogs through Instagram.

I hoped this helped some of you really improve your Instagram! I know these are pretty obvious, but they definitely help all the same. If you have an Instagram account for your blog that I don't currently follow, definitely tell me down in the comments. Thank you to everyone for reading my #7DaysOfWLL, I'm doing a post soon to talk more about it and shout everyone who took part out.



#7DaysOfWLL... The Bookish Tag

Hola Lexicans! So yesterday I was tagged by Amy (Little Moon Dragon) to do the Bookish Tag post (go check out her answers here) so I though me + books = life so why not! Hope you enjoy<3

1. Which book has been on your shelf the longest?

Don't kill me HP fans, but Harry Potter has been on my shelf for so long and I just keep on not reading it ahah. Also really old pictures books from when I was little, like The Gruffalo.

2. Which book are you currently reading, last read and are going to read next?

I'm currently reading a new release called Windfall (watch out for my review of that once I've finished, currently loving it), I last read The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon (which you can read my review of here) and next I'm reading Cream Buns And Crime by Robin Stevens.
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3. What book did you like that everyone hated?

Well I've tried reading Harry Potter and it just isn't my thing BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP ON HARRY POTTER JUST YET. Also, as Amy mentioned I'll Give You The Sun. I've tried to get into it about 3 times now and I just find it quite boring. But neither of these books I have 'hated'.

4. What book do you keep telling yourself you'll read but probably won't?

My English teacher recommended I tried some more adult books, out of my comfort zone so my mum borrowed some Bill Bryson books off a friend and I keep on putting reading them off ahah. It's just so many books, so little time!

5. What books are you saving for retirement?

None. Why wait to read a good book? Exactly. I definitely want to reread books (like Wonder by RJ Palacio) that are favourites of mine now, as they'll be pretty old once I'm retired so most likely I will have forgotten about them!

6. Last page: read it or wait to the end?

Obviously wait to the end! Why would anyone want to spoil it and read the last page first. I've done it a couple of times before but then I always feel guilty afterwards and try to erase anything I read from my memory (even though big plot twists normally happen a bit before the end, rather than on the very last page).

7. Acknowledgements: waste of paper and ink, or interesting aside?

I definitely don't think they're a waste of paper and ink. If I really loved a book and I'm so sad it has ended, then I read the acknowledgements to try and cling onto the book. If the book was meh I probably won't read them, but I still think they're interesting to have.

8. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life?

Well Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson (a young child's picture book) reminds me of Halloween as we used to recite a certain part of it on Halloween (it was actually our 'trick' if someone said 'trick or treat' even though it's not much of a trick ahah). Beautiful Broken Things (my fav book) by Sara Barnard reminds me of the song Don't Be So Hard On Yourself by Jess Glynne and my flight back from Thailand last summer.

9. Which book has been with you the most places?

Probably Wonder by RJ Palacio. Every morning in Year 5 we had to read for 15 minutes or so and I always forgot to bring in a new book, and just kept Wonder in my bag. I must have read that book 50 odd times because of it >.<

10. Used or brand new?

I definitely prefer brand new.

11. Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?

Nope never heard of them!

12. Have you ever seen a movie you liked more than the book?

No, I think I tend to prefer the thing I saw or read first, and I pretty much always read the book first soo.. When the Everything, Everything film adaption comes out I will definitely do a comparison! However, I did see a play I liked more than the book - The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. Definitely think the play is better than the book in that case.

13. Have you ever read a book that made you soo hungry?

Well most cookbooks to be honest! I mean, brownies, who can resist am I right?!

14. Who is the person whose book advice you'll always take?

My mum is always right when it comes to books I'll like and won't! Also all of you in the blogosphere, I don't have enough time to try out all the books you recommend, but if it sounds good, I'm bound to check it out.

15. Is there a book out of your usual comfort zone that you ended up loving?

I loved The Selection series, which is out of my comfort zone quite a bit as well as Divergent (although hated and couldn't even finish Insurgent, the second book).

I hope you all liked this post! I did miss out some questions that I just couldn't think of an answer for, as there's no point just saying 'I don't know'. I'm not going to tag specific people but just any of my book-loving blogger friends out there, I tag you to do this post. Make sure you let me know if you do, so I can check it out:) Be back tomorrow for the very final day of my #7DaysOfWLL project!