My Christmas Wishlist 2017 / Teen Gift Guide

Hola Lexicans! It is now officially less than 2 weeks until Christmas and I am so so excited. Now as it's edging nearer and nearer to my favourite day of the year, I just realised I never posted my Christmas Wishlist (even though I wrote it out..!) and I thought since I love reading these posts (and watching these videos on YouTube), I would share with you My Christmas Wishlist 2017 (even though it's quite late to do this post now!) This post should also be quite helpful if you're a parent, grandparent, aunt etc etc trying to buy for a teenage girl, as there should be some ideas you can nick on Gifts You Can Give Your Teenage Girl if you're not particularly prepared and need some last-minute gifts *cough you know who you are cough*! I'd also like to add before I begin this post, I in no way expect, think or even hope to get all or even just one of these presents. A lot of them are just there as suggestions for family members and I understand that I will not be getting all of these. I also want to clarify that I do understand Christmas is not not not about presents and merchandise, and that really these things can only make you happy for a certain period of time, and that Christmas is really about celebrating Jesus' life and coming together as a family, or with friends. But yah, with this disclaimer out there, let's get started...

Ted Baker Rhondaa or Chelsey Leather Large Shopper Bag

I know these are really expensive, and so I in no way shape or form expect to get one, I just really love them so I put them on my wishlist anyway - they are so so gorgeous!

Image result for rhondaa
I can't link to either of the bags as I can't find them in stock or online anywhere, but this is the Rhondaa bag. credits
Pandora Captured Hearts Stud Earrings in Rose Gold

I do already know I'm getting these, as I went with my Nanny to buy them and I am so happy and excited for them, as they're really beautiful. I already own a Pandora rose gold ring, so I'm looking forward to having little rose gold earrings to wear with them.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

I have the Naked 1, 2, Flushed + Basics 2 and I really love the Naked range (obviously) so when I saw they were bringing out another Naked palette with some gorgeous shades, I was very excited.

Brandy Melville voucher

Not lots of explaining to be done on this one - I love love love Brandy Melville as a brand, but it is quite expensive, so I'm asking for a voucher (although I'm pretty sure I won't be getting this!)


Not going to explain this one much because uh.. books.., but my mum actually has a good taste in books (to be fair she used to be in publishing, so I would expect her to), so I've trusted her with the task of picking out 'any good YA or teen books' ahahah.

Benefit Porefessional OR That Gal Primer

I've tried minis of both of these primers before and I loved them both, however since they were fairly small compared to the real thing, they ran out quite quickly so I'd love to get a full-size, since currently I'm squeezing out the remainders to prime my face when I wear make-up and it is a real workout for my hands..!

Hand-held light up mirror

Currently I have this old mirror on my desk that falls down and scares the living daylights out of me on too-often basis so I would really love a new mirror. And with lights because like.. wow that's snazzy ahahah.

Calvin Klein bralette

This is quite a basic item, but I know a lot of people who swear by Calvin Klein for underwear, particularly this bralette for sports and even though I don't do much sports (but I still do some), they're quite cute so yah.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 polaroid camera

I already have this actually (well I have the Mini 8, but this is newer so I thought I'd share the 9 instead), but this would make a great gift if you're looking to buy one for a teen girl! They're not very good quality, but the whole thing is so cute!

So these are the things that are on my Christmas Wishlist this year (along with a couple other bits and bobs). Would you like to see a What I Got For Christmas 2017? What other Christmassy posts would you like to see? What's on YOUR wishlist this year (if you celebrate Christmas, of course)?



My NaNoWriMo 2017

Hola Lexicans! asdfghjkl ITS DECEMBER and wow i'm so excited for Christmas! I have been counting down since October and now it's finally here I actually do not feel ready at all:) But yah I'm very ready for a break from school and to just chill out. which is probably what I should be doing right now but I can't help it* So since November is now complete, I decided to sit down and write an overview of my NaNoWriMo. Originally I was also going to do a general November Recap, but really nothing much exciting happened to me during November (other than NaNo) so I thought I would just do a post focusing on that instead. So grab yourself some brownies, make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy and prepare yourself for this very chill + chatty post.

*no I'm not jumping up and down on my bed dancing to All I Want For Christmas Is You whilst periodically stopping to write this.. where on Earth did you get that idea from.....

So firstly, before I start focusing on my NaNoWriMo specifically (whilst I'm sure most of you reading this will know what NaNoWriMo is), I thought I'd explain exactly what NaNo is so it makes sense to everyone. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it is a non-profit program in which bloggers and writers from all over the world come together to try and write 50,000 words in a month (November). I knew that this year 50k wasn't on my radar, so I set myself mentally a smaller goal of 25k instead, although I couldn't put that in. People talking part all come together in one amazing community doing things like word sprints, and even meeting up in their local libraries. Whilst I didn't do those things, I did feel a sense of community and just loved doing NaNo this month! So let me tell you more about it....

whilst I didn't actually take this during NaNoWriMo (no time for that!!), it's the exact spot where I spent most my evenings writing:) x

My novel..

I've talked about my novel in a couple previous posts BUT I'll just sum it up. The Coffee Shop Man (nope not going to be the name forever, it's just WIP while I think of a much better, more interesting name ahah) is a YA realistic fiction about Arthur, a 70 year old man whose life has gone to pieces. He has no family, no friends, no goals and no happiness. Everyday he wakes up at the exact same time, goes to his local coffee shop, has a black coffee and returns. Every single day he does this, this routine is really the only thing he ever does. Until one day he wakes up later, meets this young girl called Kate and is whole life changes (and then loads of plot twists happen, but even though y'all will probably never read this book.. I'm still not going to spoil it!)

The facts..

I didn't reach my goal of 25k. BUT.. I did get to 24.5k words and yES I know I was literally another 10 minutes worth of writing away and it is so frustrating oh my gosh but.. a few days before NaNoWriMo ending I was on 21.5k and for some stupid reason, past Lexie decided not to write in those last few days. Until the 30th when I decided 'I will not be able to get 25k by the end of today but I want to see just how close I can get.' so I wrote and wrote, and managed to get to about 23k when my mum came in and said 'Lexie.. time to turn off your laptop.' as I was kinda ill so she wanted me to get an early night. But as I was on a roll, I wrote more in my notebook to then type up. BUT.. since it's a notebook, there's (obviously) no word count, so I just stopped when I felt too tired.
And then I typed it up the next day and it equalled 24.5k... I was so annoyed at first but now I've got over the intial frustration I have decided that a) 24.5k is still so amazing b) I never thought I would actually get that close and c) I should be a very proud bean.

Wordiest day: November 30 - 2,816 words per day
Average per day: 818 words

Did you take part in NaNoWriMo this year? And how did you do? I think we all deserve a nice batch of brownies, and a well-deserved break after that tiring month! WELL DONE TO US!! *cheers* asdfghjkl if you did, even if you didn't get to 50k I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AHH!!!

I'll be back in a few days with a Christmas Wishlist and Teen Gift Guide:)


Film Review: Paddington 2 - Better Than The Original?!

Hola Lexicans! So on the weekend, my family and I went to one of our local cinemas (or I think as my American readers call it - the theaters (I don't know, do you call them that?!!) to watch a new movie release on Paddington 2, the sequel to Paddington*. I really enjoyed the original and for quite a while it was my favourite film ever, so whilst I know I'm not the target audience anymore I was still very excited to go see it. And I did really enjoy it, so I thought I would share with you a spoiler-free, review on Paddington 2.

*feel like that was obvious.. but oh well

I'm sure all of you have either a) seen Paddington 1, b) read the book or c) just know what it's about (ahah feel like a quizmaster), but just in case I thought I'd share with you a basic summary on what it's all about. Paddington stars a young bear (called Paddington!) who is sent to London to try and make a life, there he gets taken in by the Brown family and gets up to lots of mischief, which could lead to danger. In the sequel, Paddington is on the hunt for the perfect birthday present to send to his Aunt Lucy, who is back in Peru when he comes across a pop-up of London. He identifies it as being the perfect gift, but what he doesn't realise is that it contains the secrets of how to find a huge treasure chest, meaning that someone also has their eye on the book. Then one night, Paddington spots someone breaking in and stealing the book, but he is arrested as the culprit and ends up getting sent to jail! Simply put the film tells the story of Paddington and the Browns trying to defeat the 'baddie', clear Paddington's name and is all about kindness.


So firstly, yes I know the plot sounds like such a cliché, ordinary children's film but actually what makes it so good are all the smaller things. Firstly, the film is really funny! The jokes aren't too cheesy or childish so adults and teenagers would find them funny, but they're still easy to understand so they appeal to kids as well. And then on the other side of the spectrum, this films gets in parts unexpectedly sweet and heart-warming. I think most kids films have a "message" to them these days, but actually this one is particularly touching and has a really nice ending.

My parents came as well and they both really enjoyed it, so it's definitely family-approved. I just asked my mum to give me a sentence to describe her opinions on it, so I thought I'd share them with you (it's actually a very condensed way of saying what I've been rambling on about for nearly the whole post ahah!):

'I thought it was a lovely, heart-warming film that had a message of kindness at its core.'

SO, it's definitely one that is great for any member of the family - young children, tweens, teens and adults and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a really lovely film to watch this winter.

Now one of the questions I really wanted to address in this review, as I've heard more than a couple of people saying that actually preferred it to number one, so I wanted to think about and answer the question: is it better than the original? As a short answer, personally yes! This is definitely very rare (or at least for me) when it comes to films that have a sequel, as a basic rule the original is always the best, BUT.. in my eyes this film was funnier, had a better plot AND was more heart-warming, so actually I think I preferred Paddington 2 >.<

Overall I really enjoyed Paddington 2 and would whole-heartedly recommend it to families who want a nice, comforting watch that still has action and comedy when its cold this winter.

I'll be back in a couple of days with a November Recap, and then shortly after that a Christmas Wish list and Teen Gift Guide so stay tuned:)